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At Northwest Hand Foot and Nail Therapy the health and safety of our customers is of utmost importance. We have always taken safety and sanitation very seriously and during the Covid-19 pandemic we are now taking extreme measures to guarantee your safety. Your therapist will be wearing a hospital grade N95 mask, nitrile gloves, and a clean bleached lab coat. At least 10 minutes will be scheduled between each appointment to thoroughly disinfect the office. Hard surfaces are wiped down with marvicide hospital grade disinfectant (approved to kill Covid-19 and 99% of all other bacteria and viruses) and fabrics are sprayed with Lysol. All surgical steel implements are also soaked in marvicide before being autoclaved (high heat steam sanitization). All files are single use. All towels are taken to a professional cleaner to be cleaned and disinfected for your safety. The door will also stay locked so no other human interaction takes place during your service. If you have any other questions about our safety and sanitation procedures or if we can do anything to make your visit more comfortable please don't hesitate to contact us by clicking the contact link in the bar above. Masks are required while on the premises by all clientele regardless of vaccination status. Thankyou for your patronage.