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I am committed to only using top quality products such as 'Cuccio' and 'Qtica' nail care products; chemical free 'Zoya' nail polishes; 'Footlogix' foot care line designed for specific foot disorders; top quality, disinfectable and disposable, foot and nail files; and herbal scrubs and lotions designed to fit everyone’s individual needs.                                                                                 My menu of services is listed below

MAINTENANCE MANICURE $50 (30 min): Careful detailed clipping and shaping of the nails. Extensive, yet gentle, cuticle treatment. Full moisturization of hands, with a stress relief hand massage. Finished with a hot steamed towel and your choice of polish or buff to a natural shine.

MAINTENANCE PEDICURE $85 (45min): Careful detailed clipping and shaping of the nails. Extensive, gentle,cuticle treatment. Expert callous removal. Rejuvenating exfoliation with our signature Qtica sugar scrub, and full moisturization of feet with a custom moisturizer to fit your individual need applied with a relaxing foot massage. Finished with a hot steamed towel and your choice of polish or buff to a natural shine. 

*MEDI PEDICURE $95 (60min): enhances the treatment offered in the maintenance pedicure to address more intensive foot care issues,such as: nail fungus,ingrown toenails,athletes foot, severely cracked skin, and side effects of neurapathy,diabetes, and chemotherapy/radiation therapies. After a few of these intensive treatments, most of our clients find their issues have diminished. Plus you'll walk away with healthier feet that feel great.

*BS BRACE ($50 per nail application) Corrects ingrown toenails without surgery! This painless procedure involves a slight buffing of the nail with a special file and then gluing a small fiberglass-like brace precisely over the nail. Can be polished over. Each client need a different amount of applications depending upon the severity of the ingrown nail. Ask your service provider for details.

EXPRESS MANICURE $40 (20 min): quick clip and shaping of nails, light cuticle treatment, and choice of polish or buff.

EXPRESS PEDICURE $60 (30min): quick, dry pedicure includes clipping and shaping of nails, quick callous treatment and moisturization. Finished with your choice of polish or buff to a high shine.


($10) SOY DELICIOUS Soothing moisture mask (includes heated booties or mitts and hot towel removal)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            ($10) 20 day gel 'just gel' polish LED light cured (Dry immediately & lasts up to 20 days!)                                     

($10) Gel Polish Removal                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  ($10) 'Eco-fin' eco-friendly personal paraffin treatment (no sharing the dipping pot here.) Warm, luxurious, moisturizing, better than parrafin natural oils are enclosed in biodegradable bags for each client.  Then covered with warmed booties or mitts. Your choice of scented or unscented

($10) Hot stone treatment (10 minutes)   

($10) Corn removal                                                                                                                                                                                     

FINGER OR TOE NAIL TRIM $40 (15min)  Simple Trimming and Shaping of Nails

POLISH CHANGE $30 (15min)  Removal and application of polish

REFLEXOLOGY TREATMENT $105:                                                                                                                                                  Includes signature sugar scrub exfoliation and aroma therapy hot towel treatment, followed by 1 hour of reflexology foot massage.
Reflexology is a therapeutic foot massage for health and wellbeing. It is an ancient Chinese and Egyptian massage technique where the therapist concentrates on pressure points on the bottom of the foot that coincide with different parts of the body to relieve stress and release toxins from your body.

REFLEXOLOGY ADD-ONS  $15 (10 minute increments up to an hour)  Add reflexology to any pedicure.                                                  10min ($15)   20 min ($30)    30min ($45)   40min ($60)  60min ($90)


HOUSECALLS AVAILABLE Please call to inquire. Fees depend on service and location.

*Prices subject to change at any time